Beri's profile

Date of birth 14/01/1983
AFL Debut
...uh.. still yet to come...
Recruited from
...Kew High?
Career Games
5 ... I think
Career Goals

Middle name: Which one? I got 2. Ever Anna.
Star Sign:
What car do you drive and what car would you like to drive?
I just don't drive! But there's a Colt with my name on it... if it were a Porsche Boxter I'd feel more inclined to learn.
What talent do you wish you had?
Is mind reading a talent?
What would you never do again?
Take 2 years off basketball.
Who would you most like to pat on the back and why?
James Hird or Beau McDonald, I just have a lot of respect for both.
What do you always have in your pockets?
Nothing lately.. sometimes keys, sometimes wallet.
Whose posters did you have on your wall when you were growing up?
NBA posters and Dinosaur ones too haha
What was your best subject at school?
PE or Drama, I love acting
What do you most like in a sandwich?
Chicken tomato lettuce and mayo
If pets look like their owners, what would you have?
You tell me?!
Your three most precious possessions?
1. iMac        2. Walkman        3. Cd's i guess
The biggest hurdle in getting this far in footy?
Being a girl.
Which event would you like to compete in at the Sydney Olympics?
What is the best live show you've ever seen? (Music, Theatre etc)
The Bombers are poetry in motion.
In the city in which you live where is your favorite place to visit and why?
Daytime - MCG, Night - Colonial
Favorite CD:
OK Computer - Radiohead
Favorite Movie:
I'll say Romeo + Juliet for now (Baz Luhrmann's)
Favorite TV Show:
"The Practice"
Favorite Magazine:
I don't go for mags
Favorite Band:


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