OK, well Biki did it, so I thought maybe I should put a profile of me up on my site too.

Full Name: Erika I’m not publishing my full name online thankyou

Nickname: Berikat, Beri for short

D.O.B: 14.01.83

Height: 182cm (really 181.5 but what’s the harm in rounding up?)

Weight: 79kg ??

Star Sign: Capricorn

Schools Attended: Kew Primary, Kew High.

What would be your perfect weekend: Bombers win the flag on Saturday, man of my dreams proposes on Sunday

Favorite breakfast on a day off: Anything as long as it’s not healthy

Name an item of food you just can't stomach: Mushrooms, olives, zucchini...

What is your greatest extravagance: Holidaying

Where is your ultimate holiday destination: The coast... with the most.

Can you name a Brownlow Medallist from the 1950’s: Skilton, right?

If you appeared in a quiz show who would you ring as your lifeline and why: Eddie - i think he knows all the answers by now.

If you were invited to a fancy dress party who would you go as: Genie

If you had to sing at a Karaoke Bar, what song would you chose: Somehting I can really murder... preferably Celine Dion or Mariah Carey.

What is your favourite charity: Anything for animals

Who is the most famous person you’ve known or met: Can you truly measure fame?

What was the best advice your mother gave you: Never trust politicians

What was your first job:
Oh god don’t remind me.

Favourite book: The Lord Of The Rings

Favourite TV show: The Practice

Least Favourite TV show: Temptation Island, Big Brother, etc............

Favourite CD: OK Computer, by Radiohead

Favourite website: www.essendonfc.com.au

What has been your best investment: My walkman..? Music is life. And so is footy.

What would you do if you won lotto: Buy a Porsche Boxter and 2 houses - one in Melbourne, the other on the Golad Coast. If I have money left, another lottery ticket. Then I’d buy a house in Brisbane to make our holidays easier.

If you could put yourself in the shoes of another person, who would it be and why: Lauren Jackson, so I know how to beat her when I come up against her.

If you could be successful in a sport of your choice, what would it be and why: Other than basketball, I can only dream of being part of an AFL Premiership Team... that dream was shattered the moment I was born.

Where and what will you be doing in 2010:

That’ll be after the 2008 Olympics which means I will have my gold medal after we beat Team USA in the final... I’d be sitting back at my house in the Gold Coast, admiring my Porsche Boxter in the driveway, and talking footy with my dream man.. and preparing for the 2012 olympics of course.

As a kid what AFL Club did you barrack for: Since when did I stop being a kid?
Who was your first football hero: Hirdy. But officially, I have to give the title to Beau, because he’s the first and only one who has made a personal difference for me.

Who is the most under-rated player in the AFL: I think Bolts and Shatts should be permanent fixtures in the seniors by now don’t you?

When was your first game of football: 1999 Kew High Girls, in May sometime.

Most memorable football experience: Rucking was great, I beat everyone in the tap outs and the girls hated it and got bitchy and elbowed me in the throat during contests, etc...

What are your goals in 2002: Improve fitness & strength and ball skills.

There are 10 seconds to go in the Grand Final, and the Lions are 1 point down. One of our players has a set shot from 40 metres out right in front, who would you prefer to take the kick and why: Beau, although I’d prefer it to be on of his freakish play on shots rather than a set shot. But if the game was against the Bombers, then I’d want it to be... Daniel Bradshaw, he misses the easy ones.


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