Nickname: † Stand
Date of Birth: † 3rd November 1979
Height: † 203cm
Weight: † 101kg
Star Sign: † Scorpio
Schools Attended: † Governor Stirling SHS
What would be your perfect weekend:
Somewhere on the coast
What is your favourite breakfast on a day off:
Baked beans and cheese
Name an item of food you just canít stomach:
Raw tomato
What is your greatest extravagance:
Where is your ultimate holiday destination:
What were your plans if you had not been drafted:
Try and play basketball
The worst thing about being an AFL Footballer:
Being asked too many personal questions
The best thing about being an AFL Footballer:
Being fit and living a healthy lifestyle
Can you name a Brownlow Medallist from the 1950ís:
Bob Skilton

The Coach often says:
"Nigel, run!"
If you appeared in a quiz show who would you ring as your lifeline and why:
Andy Gowers, he is smart
If you were invited to a fancy dress party who would you go as:
Screech (Saved By the Bell)
If you had to sing at a Karaoke Bar, what song would you chose:
The Gambler Ė Kenny Rogers
What is your favourite charity:
Anything for Children
Who is the most famous person youíve known or met:
Luke Power
What was the best advice your mother gave you:
Keep your head on your shoulders
Whatís the worst thing your brother or sister did to you as a child:
Punched my tooth out (sister)
What was your first job:
Dadís butcher shop
Favourite book:
I donít read
Favourite TV show:
Least Favourite TV show:
Ground force
Favourite CD:
Vitalogy Ė Pearl Jam
Favourite website:
What has been your best investment:
My super king size bed
What would you do if you won lotto:
If you could put yourself in the shoes of another person, who would it be and
why: † Michael Jordan
If you could be successful in another sport of your choice, what would it be
and why:
Cricket, they look like they enjoy themselves
Where and what will you be doing in 2010:
Hopefully still playing AFL for Brisbane
As a kid what AFL Club did you barrack for:
West Coast Eagles
Who was your first football hero:
Chris Lewis
Who is the most under-rated player in the AFL:
Daniel Bandy
When was your first game of football:
13 or 14 for Upper Swan U15ís
Most memorable football experience:
Playing in a final at the MCG against Carlton
Summarise your performance in 2000:
Tried hard
What are your goals in 2001:
To become a lot stronger and be more of a presence on the ground
There are 10 seconds to go in the Grand Final, and the Lions are 1 point down.
One of our players has a set shot from 40 metres out right in front, who would
you prefer to take the kick and why:
Luke Power, because he can kick straight


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